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Where to Buy Trending TikTok and Instagram Items

Oct 6, 2022 by Nadia Tsabitarana
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With a rapid social media evolution, Instagram and TikTok are the two most popular trend-setting platforms. Instagram has over 2 billion monthly active users and TikTok has over 1.2 billion. Given the positive app reviews, it is not surprising that marketers and retailers are finding ways to incorporate these mediums into their marketing mix.

Luring in such a huge audience, TikTok has a huge amount of control over the purchase decisions made by people. From defining music trends, and viral dance steps, to clever makeup tools and hacks; these platforms decide what we like (or do not like). Influencers use products from a diverse range of brands and viral videos attract a lot of customers who want to buy those handy products.

Retailers can use these trending Instagram and TikTok items to make profits. It is beneficial to stock up on these trending products as user-generated content is free publicity and those high-quality products will be in demand. If you are looking for a wholesale global website that sells Trending TikTok and Instagram items, then you are in luck. Sourcy is a leading global wholesale platform that sells viral products to retailers. They aim to facilitate retailers and maximize their sales by offering quick and reliable shipping.

Let’s dive in to see the top 2022 product trends that can increase your sales and profits. 

  • Beauty and Skin Care Products

Skincare routine and artistic makeup are one of the trendiest and most talked about topics on these platforms. All the makeup-related content is gathered in a subcategory called BeautyTok. From instructions on how to apply the perfect contour, to makeup hacks or the best products; viewers can see it all swipe-after-swipe. Sourcy looks into the recent trends and allows retailers to purchase in small quantities to sell. They have a diverse range of skincare and nail art products including:

  • Facial Ice Roller – Accessible in multiple colors and priced at $3.50, this is the perfect product to add to your skincare routine. This facial roller will promote skin tightening, minimize redness and increase blood circulation.

  • Jade Roller & Scraping Plate Beauty Set – Want to relieve face tension? Give your clients access to high-quality products such as this gua sha tool.

  • Blue Ombre Press-On-Nails with Cloud Motif – If your customers love decorative nails yet want a subtle look, then these nails are the perfect choice to add to your collection. These high-quality products give a feminine look.
  • Home & Kitchen Appliances
  • If TikTok was a physical store, it would be considered a one-stop shop for everything a person needs. Smart marketing has tapped into a viewer’s love for healthy drinks, food, and pretty kitchen appliances. At Sourcy, they understand a retailer’s need in getting all their items in one place. They sell a diverse range of home appliances. Retailers can also access other products using Sourcy’s Find New Products feature.

    • Press-On Vegetable Chopper/Slicer – Your customers love to prepare veggie meals? Then stock up on this incredible appliance.

    • Mini Coffee Pot- With a matte finish, this sturdy and highly classy coffee pot will have amazing sales.

    • Reusable Silicone Stashed/Storage Zip Bag - Store leftover ingredients in these classic reusable bags perfect for storing wet and dry ingredients. Stock up your customers kitchen with this great appliance!
  • Lifestyle Products
  • While making TikTok and Instagram videos, every influencer places the products perfectly to give a subtle branding message. Sourcy picked up on a diverse range of lifestyle products and allows retailers to get them at a low price and minimum order quantity (MOQ).

    • Woven Seagrass Basket – These woven baskets will upgrade the look of a room. Retailers can order a minimum of 4 units and unlock the best price.

    • Water Bottle with Time Marker – Push your customers to drink more water. Inspired by TikTok, these time-marked water bottles are one of Sourcy’s high-quality products.

    • Ombre Metallic Thermos Bottle/Jug - Have coffee, tea or any beverage of choice in this colourful metallic thermos. It’s perfect addition for any backdrop and upgrades the aesthetic of one’s room.

    • Acacia Wood Sealed Glass Container - Are your customers budding chefs, place their wonderful ingredients in these wooden glass containers to have an aesthetically organised kitchen. 
  • Gen Z loves to gel in the crowd and is conscious enough to make purchase decisions based on TikTok and Instagram trends. Sourcy is a wholesale platform that aims to make locating products convenient, affordable, and accessible for small businesses. They ensure that retailers stay on top of the latest trends and purchase products that are actually going to sell. Unlike other wholesale platforms, Sourcy has low price and low MOQ restrictions, giving small-to-medium retailers good value for their money. Moreover, retailers can take advantage of a 50% discount on their first order after they sign up for this platform. 

Otherwise, if you are interested in sourcing other products, click the button below to try out our free sourcing service where we source what you want as long as you provide us with some details and photos! The form will only take a few minutes.Try it out yourself today!