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A Retailer’s Guide to Valentines in 2022

Mon 31 Jan, 2022 by Jeremy Dsouza
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As the new year’s excitement starts to tone down, being a retailer, it is time to prepare for the next best sales opportunity which is Valentine’s day. 74% of individuals intend to buy a gift for Valentines and as such it is the best time to optimise profits. If you are struggling to think of some Valentine's items to stock up on, fret not because we have some interesting ideas for you in this guide.

Here are some items you can stock up on for Valentine’s Day:

  • 1. Flower gift boxes

    Although flowers may seem like a cliche item, the fact is that it is one of the most popular items bought on Valentines. This is because flowers are typically known to be a romantic gift. However, real flowers are short lived and will wither and die after a few days which isn’t ideal for both customers and retailers. Hence, taking this concept of flower gifting one step further, retailers should consider stocking up on artificial flowers instead which have an infinite lifetime. The elegance of flowers are also elevated when added into a gift box which can allow your customers to add any extra small gifts into it, making it look like a complete set of gifts that are presented well. 
  • 2. Vases

    Do you happen to be selling home decor or lifestyle products and would like to take advantage of the sales opportunities this Valentine’s brings? If so, you can consider purchasing vases. Customers gifted flowers will definitely need a vase to keep them and retailers selling flowers can upsell their customers by bundling flowers with the vases. And the best thing about vases? The demand stays even after valentines as it is a staple for individuals decorating their houses and it doesn’t have an expiry date so the risks of stocking up on it is low. 
  • 3. Bags

    Accessories like bags are an ideal gift item because it is practical, we use them on a daily basis and often receive compliments on them. This makes it difficult to forget the giver of such a gift which is something consumers look for. Afterall, no consumers give gifts with the intention of it being left in a cupboard or out of sight. Hence, having fashionable bags in your store would help boost conversions when it comes to consumers who prefer practical gifts and having a variety of bag styles would not harm you as it is a matter of consumer preference and it gives them a choice.

  • 4. Jewelry

    Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings are eye-catching pieces of jewelry that when given as a gift, have an emotional significance that the receiver will not forget. This makes jewelry incredibly sought after by retailers to stock up on, especially for Valentines due to its popularity by consumers. 
  • 5. Dine and drinkware

    Looking for something classy, practical and in season all year round? Consider selling dining ware and table matters. In 2022, Valentine’s gifts are no longer just flowers and chocolate but anything in general, as long as it shows the gifter’s sincerity. Hence, even household items can be given and sold as a Valentine’s gift. In fact, it is a great idea as it serves more utility than flowers and shelvable. 
  • 6. Candles

    According to a report by Grand view research (2019), the candle industry was worth 3.45 billion USD in 2018 worldwide and will continue to grow. With many people working from home this year, candles have been a gift that are on the rise, as they add flavour to the home wherever they are placed. Whether they are scented or just for decorative purposes, this is a gift item retailers should certainly stock up on this Valentine’s to sell. Candle holders are also another item that complement candles well and are worth adding to your catalogue.
  • 7. Packaging

    One thing that often goes over retailers' minds is decorative packaging material. Customers are more likely to buy a product that is well presented and other retailers may also need to buy the packaging to upsell their products. Therefore, by stocking up on packaging materials, you can get the best of two worlds and expand your customer market reach. Furthermore, packaging materials are easy to keep as they are compressible/foldable and in demand throughout the year through events like birthdays and especially during festive seasons, so the risks of stocking up on packaging materials is low.
If the above categories has piqued your interest, here are some trendy items that our sourcing experts have found specially just for you.

Trending for Valentine's 2022

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We hope this guide has helped you! If this guide has inspired you to stock up on any of the items or you are looking for more inspiration, check out our Valentine’s Day Collection for some more products. Alternatively, if you have any items you can’t find and would like sourced, try out our FREE sourcing service where we source what you with an average of 1 week. Upon placement of your order, we will ship them out through our express delivery partners such as UPS, FedEx and DHL to have it delivered safely to your address.